Established in 2009, Power and Beauty: Aesthetiq Essentials is a independent distribution company specializing in health and beauty products of the highest quality. Our products include whitening, anti-aging and skin care agents, along with health supplements. The business of beauty and healthcare is a scene of constant change and technological advancements, and Power and Beauty commits itself to continually expanding its product lines to deliver the latest and the best to our valued clients.
Our goal is to help our clients with their skin problems and beauty needs by delivering high-quality skin care at competitive prices. We truly believe in the importance of good skin care and the benefits that can be reaped from investing in beauty, and so we are committed to making beauty products of the finest quality available for everyone.
Our clients’ health and well-being are our top priorities, and their trust in our service is invaluable. Thus, all our products are obtained directly from the manufacturers, and we have made certain to eliminate any products of questionable quality or authenticity. Our company is registered in the Department of Trade and Industry, with the necessary permits for engaging in this business.

Power and Beauty Aesthetiq Essentials exists to give you the best. Take a tour of our site.

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